Jeppy (Creator/Founder) //

  • Behind the idea of SkyVerse, is involved in the development for all areas. (Directing, art, web design, marketing, branding, HR management, partnerships, social media, contract type & staking network etc)

  • Specialises in Business & Human Resources, passionate in marketing & branding.

  • Accumulated over 6 years of social media marketing experience, and has operated multiple E-Commerce stores before starting SkyVerse.

  • Has 10 years of experience in trading virtual items in MMO Sandbox games before NFTs became popular, allowing for a good understanding of the market.

  • Tends to keep up with market updates, always adapting and changing strategies according to market developments.

Berela (Artist)

  • Well-experienced in 3D-Modelling in Blender, and is adept at painting too.

  • Free-lance artist with over 25 years of experience in art, and 5 years in digital modelling.

  • Does not take shortcuts on the art of SkyVerse, handcrafting each trait without generative means.

Sayak (Front-end Developer)

  • Experienced in front-end coding with over 6 years of experience.

  • Made an aesthetically clean website design with a seamlessly smooth coding process.

  • Proficient with conceptualising website layouts for a highly satisfiable user experience.

Tech Chief (Back-end Developer)

  • Has over 10 of experience in developing and coding front-end and back-end.

  • Works on smart contracts and optimises mint for low gas fees.

  • In charge of implementing gas-less Staking & Utility Marketplace.

  • Has worked on successful projects such as Project Godjira and Dysto Apez.

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