SkyTicketer ✔️

What is SkyTicketer?

The SkyTicketer is a mysterious individual, always coming packed with goodies from his adventures. The SkyTicketer is extremely obsessed with $SKY and will only exchange his very limited tickets for $SKY tokens, which holders can redeem for WL opportunities & Alpha Tools.

Types of Tickets

There are two types of tickets, regular & golden, the table below will cover the relevant information for each.

By having the option between these two types of tickets, it will allow holders to make informed decisions on what their strategy should be. The decision can also often be highly situational due to the changing of the Market Offerings every week. Moreover, it can be strongly dependent on the kind of investment approach and risk appetite the trader has as well. Therefore, traders will need to consider carefully on the best plan to maximise their rewards, adding a little fun and agony onto the decisions they make along the way.

Marketplace times & rewards

The SkyTicketer will drop by once every week to visit and set up the Marketplace to satisfy his $SKY cravings. He is also highly fickle and only drops by when he wants to, causing the day and time to be completely random, and it lasts for a day only. The SkyTicketer offers various rewards such as highly coveted WL Opportunities, Alpha Groups memberships, and Exclusive Perks (Eg. IRL Utility, Partnered Utility, Unlocking Features)

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