SkyDAO ✔️

SkyVault is the building base of SkyVerse, whereby upon sellout, 95% of funds will be transferred here for developmental purposes. This allows everyone to see where the funds are being used, and whether it is used efficiently/wisely. At SkyVerse, we highly respect transparency amongst our investors and this is something we truly wish to enforce upon.

Development Purposes includes:

  • SkyTicketer Marketplace (Constant additions of new improvements, eg. new features)

  • Trading tool utility (Long-term partnerships with trading groups)

  • SkyPixel (2D MMO-Open World Community game)

  • SkyWorlds (Assets, animations, VFX, game mechanics etc)

  • Building of future collections (2nd & 3rd collection has been planned already)

  • Improvements to Staking (To make staking more fun & rewarding, eg. gamification)

  • $SKY token implementation in partnered projects

  • Tokenomics Technology (Eg. Tooling to improve P2E economy)

Therefore, SkyVerse is well-planned ahead to position ourselves well to attain these goals, we strive to bring as much value to those who believe in us, and this can be seen in our plans above. All of this can only be achieved by proper allocation of funds into SkyVault, which is why we are putting 95% of sales into it. We estimate our plans to take about 50-70% of the funds, giving us quite some room to explore.

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