What is SkyWorlds?

SkyWorlds will be built on Sandbox that merges fun and P2E mechanics together by providing an immersive Community experience like no other. SkyWorlds will showcase the beautiful universe that SkyVerse is set in, featuring a Fantasy Open-World environment for one to explore. SkyWorlds build will be handled by one of Microsoft's Certified Minecraft Partner to ensure that it comes in high quality and depicts what SkyVerse should be.

SkyTown & Partners' Islands

SkyVerse will be setting out in the Sandbox Metaverse by securing land to deploy SkyTown & our Partnered Islands onto there as a hangout place for everyone. SkyTown is a central place for all Skytopians to chat and bond with one another, a main gathering spot for all. Partnered Sky Islands will be deployed individually after confirming the designs and layout of the island with them. These islands will include our partner's key elements and references, making it a fun and inclusive environment for all to enjoy.

Therefore, SkyVerse aims to bridge the gaps between communities from different projects, allowing them to come together to interact and know one another. SkyVerse strongly believes this is the next step in levelling up the tightness of the NFT Community by providing a space in the Sandbox Metaverse that is open to everyone.

Sky Arena

Sky Arena will be used to host SkyWars, a PVP-based battle with high stakes of $SKY, allowing players to be able to attain riches of $SKY through skill-rewarding gameplay in SkyWorlds. (Similar concept to $SKY in Minecraft, a widely popular and well-loved pvp battling game mode) Sky Arena will have deflationary tax mechanics in place where a % of $SKY used for bidding will be burned away as service processing fees. This will ensure that as we scale up the number of players in Sky Arena, there will be a larger portion of $SKY being burnt as well, which results in higher scarcity and value for $SKY.

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