Trading will be a widely explored feature in SkyPixel where every single player will be able to transact their owned virtual goods freely within quick moments of seconds with utmost security being upheld. SkyPixel will implement an extremely simple-to-use interface for users to place their digital valuables onto an extremely clean design layout, for easy navigation with prioritisation on safe trade with many anti-scamming features installed into it. This is to ensure that trade goes smoothly and fairly for both buyer and seller.

Trading will cover a huge part of SkyPixel as we aim to capitalise most of $SKY Market Cap into the build itself, resulting in the flow of economy of $SKY in the game to be always increasing, possibly in the billions $SKY range. SkyPixel will introduce microtransactions in the form of $SKY & ETH, expanding our scope of market to the masses through versatility and diversity to reach the maximum number of people while providing a strong source of revenue for SkyVerse as a whole through ETH Purchases. Furthermore, SkyPixel aims to have deflationary mechanics in place with the existing flowing $SKY in the ecosystem in forms of virtual cosmetics and decoratives, by introducing innovative and fun methods to limit or decrease supply of in-game digital goods.

Therefore, SkyPixel aims to allow players to trade their SkyPixel items on the Ethereum & L2 Blockchain Network (Likely to be a mix of on-chain & off-chain) in real-time which gives them opportunities for negotiation to provide maximum satisfaction for the buyer and seller.

Features & Preventive measures against scams

  • Trading will have a notification buffer everytime a user places or removes his/her item up in the offering/accepting table.

  • Anti-spam of putting up/remove items will be in place to ensure holders are not able to swap items quickly with the intention of scamming.

  • Confirmation window of the overall transacted items in a single trade will be shown at the end of it, allowing both parties to double-confirm to proceed or cancel it.

  • Each player can only trade with one person at a time in real-time, allowing the gameplay to be smooth and organised without overloading the user's screen.

  • More measures will be set in place according to Feedback received on Alpha Release.

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