Custom Trait Vs Generative Trait

SkyVerse is taking the custom trait route instead of the usual generation of traits through the use of script. We are creating 100 custom traits, spread throughout 5,000 Sky Islands, each Sky Island will only have 1 custom trait as we are not mixing them like what generative art does. This means that for instance, a common trait will be spread throughout 75 Sky Islands. (Noting that there are 3,000 common Sky Islands in total). On the other hand, generative trait often involves just a couple of traits in a few different categories, for example, 10 traits on 6 different categories (10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10) and they are able to generate 10 million traits just like that. Most projects will then call these arts "unique" or "cool" when the team most likely reviewed less than 5% of the art. Therefore, this is not something we want in SkyVerse, I have personally reviewed every single trait to ensure that it fits into our world, not just random laser eyes or golden teeth that you see in almost every generative collection.

Why did we go with Custom Trait?

SkyVerse's Sky Island art is tailored very carefully as we want our art to be distinct and memorable to the holder, on top of providing endless utility. Each trait is custom made to match with the correct weather season, for example, snow flakes in Winter, rainbows in Summer, and falling leaves in Autumn. If we go with generating the art via script, you can already imagine how weird it is going to turn out. SkyVerse traits are also made such that it fits the Universe and it can be expanded onto our other builds, so a trait that you have on your Sky Island, for example, a flying pig or magical slug may eventually appear in SkyPixel. This is why I have reviewed all the traits and made adjustments so that it can properly fit well together, along with small minor changes such as shadowing, size of objects, lighting, empty spaces to fill and most importantly whether the trait belongs in the world of SkyVerse.

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