What is SkyPals? - An Extension of Dual Utility

SkyPals is a collaborative effort to onboard partnered projects onto our Sky Islands. SkyVerse does not want to just stop with Dual Utility, we want to scale beyond launch while keeping supply constant. This means that holder size will remain the same which won't dilute whatever we can offer to investors (Whitelist Opportunities, Alpha Accessibility) by keeping it exclusive while still venturing and securing key partnerships for exponential growth and value offering. All in all, SkyPals is an essential Utility innovated upon Dual Utility, while keeping it aligned with our core vision of bridging gaps between NFT Projects, in the form of an NFT Token. We are progressively moving in the direction of our vision, eventually towards the main goal of integrating this into our own MetaVerse, SkyPixel.

Benefits Summary:

  • $SKY is needed for SkyPals Summon Rolls

  • Gacha Based (Summoning rates are subject to changes)

  • Standard & Elite Rarity

  • Standard = Alpha + Build Integration

  • Elite = Token Integration (Eg. Able to earn partner's token)

  • Total supply of 100 per Partner (90 Standards, 10 Elites)

  • To be listed on SkyTicketer (Many chances for all, since we will tweak summon rates accordingly)

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