Smart Contract (ERC-721 VS ERC-721A)

SkyVerse will deploy the ERC-721 Smart Contract for minting. ERC-721 contract type is chosen due to the great balance it provides between mint gas fees and secondary sales transaction fees, optimising both to be the lowest fees possible. SkyVerse has considered using ERC-721A (What Azuki Zen used) which provides lower mint gas fees but overall higher transaction fees on the secondary market. Therefore, ERC-721 is chosen over ERC-721A as the best route for the longevity of the SkyVerse project, to ensure that minting & secondary fees are equally optimised to provide the best experience for our investors in the short and long term of the project.

Mint Date: Early April (Will announce exact date 1 week before)

Mint Supply: Only 5,000 in existence

Mint Price: 0.1 ETH

Max Mint per wallet: One (1)

Whitelist/Public allocation: 100% Whitelist Sale (5,000 Whitelist Spots)

Reveal: Will take place after 48 hours of closing of mint

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